My Weight Loss Journey and Keto Part 1


My name is Jennifer. I’m 34 years old at the time of writing this blog (2017).

Like many of you, I had tried so many diet fads and only been able to stick to them for a few weeks at best. The reason being is that most diet plans leave me feeling stressed, deprived, and hungry. I haven’t always been overweight. In fact, in my teenage years, I was leading a very active lifestyle.

And then college happens.

That’s when I spent most of my time either studying,  partying and eating out with friends. You know how the story goes…. before I knew it, I had put on measly 80 lbs over a short 2 years.

I couldn’t fit in my old clothes anymore. I tried jogging but failed to make the changes in my diet. Or I couldn’t stick to it long enough.

So you can guess, I had failed at losing the weight, and had developed a knee problem from being too heavy and doing the exercises the wrong way.

I had been on and off different types of diet ever since until 2 years ago, my life has changed for the better BIG TIME, once I came across Ketogenic diet.

  • At first I just couldn’t believe that I could eat more fats and still be able to lose weight.
  • Not only that; I also never felt hungry or deprived like before.
  • My hair, nails, and skin started to look better.
  • I hadn’t had this much energy in years.
  • My allergies have improved!  I no longer have trouble breathing walking through a park on a nice day of Spring anymore.
  • My skin feels much better! I used to feel so”gray”  and had really dull skin with a few pimples on my back. Now I’m smooth and glowy like a teenager again.
  • I am bright, focused, motivated, in a good mood and full of energy!
  • My blood sugar does not go roller coaster.  No cravings, no mood swings and no drowsiness!

Keto Got Rid of My Inflammation

I haven’t experienced any of my regular shoulder pain for a really long time. I’m almost never sick! In more than 3.5 years I have been cold once and have had a stomach ache once.

I had managed to lose over 14% of body fat and around 59 pounds within 5 months. And the best thing is, I didn’t feel like I was restricting my diet at all.

People around me started asking how I managed to do that so instead of having to tell them one by one what I did, I decided to put everything together on this blog. There are simply a variety of reasons to embrace the ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

If all I’ve mentioned are not  good enough reasons for you to join me and adopt a ketogenic lifestyle, then what is?

So are you ready to get started on this journey yet?

Click for Part 2 of my Ketogenic diet journey

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